Judgementalism ~ a post from my hubby’s blog

Whenever I see Christians, or those who claim to be Christians, doing or promulgating things that are clearly either unscriptural or actually against the word of God, then I am tempted to form a judgement upon them. However, I have spent a lot of time with the Lord recently and He has been showing me that I must not judge – “lest you be judged by the same rule that you used to judge others”.

This was causing me grief in that I really wanted to say something condemning to those people – but God told me to basically turn the other cheek and ignore them. I just had to question this of course and out of all my musings and prayer and conversations with God came

(fanfare of trumpets 🙂 )

“Gamaliel’s Law – Leave them alone and if they are not of God, they will fade away like all the other dross. Acts 5:34-39”

When Peter was hauled before the Sanhedrin and accused of all sorts of crimes by the Jewish authorities, it was this fellow Gamaliel who actually said this and who thereby had them released.

“Hang on Lord,” says I, “Surely, I wrote this snippet myself about three years ago.”

“Correct.” Says He, with the hint of a smile and a barely contained chuckle.

Then He helped me out a bit – “You see, whenever you judge or even form an opinion about another person that is not from the discernment of the Holy Spirit within you, then you are open to be attacked by the enemy and judged by Me using your own criteria.”

Ah, now I have a problem there because, like most people, I make judgements about people – what they do – how they act – is there any love in this? Etc etc etc. So, actually, “Gamaliel’s Law” was written by me, ……because of me, ……and for me – inspired by the Holy Spirit – and aimed at getting me out of trouble three years later. Now thats what I call planning ahead or preparing the way.

I have known for some time that I should beware of judging others – but I find that very difficult to do simply and if only because I am human too. So I recently went for ministry myself – every one of us needs ministry from time to time and I am no exception so I do this every two to three months. I needed it now as I had been going through a very difficult time with some of my family and also with others with whom I found I have basic disagreements. During the course of this ministry, I was given a prayer to pray daily.

This is the prayer (doctored for you to add words where needed) :-

A Prayer to Forgive …

Lord, I don’t know how to make forgiveness happen. I can’t cleanse my heart or change my feelings. I don’t know how to trust, and I’m afraid to hold my heart open but today I’m making a choice to forgive.

I know I’ll have to choose again and again until You make forgiveness real and complete in me. Please God, give me the willingness and strength to persevere in choosing until forgiveness is accomplished in me by Your power.

I choose to forgive …..(name)…… for ……..(Perceived offence)………..
I choose to forgive …..(name)…… for ……..(Perceived offence)………..

Forgive in me all my sinful responses towards them.

Father, I let go of all resentment and bitterness stored in my heart. Wash me clean.

Forgive me for all condemning judgments I have made.

Psalm 51:10-12 “Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me away from Your presence, And do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, And uphold me by Your generous Spirit.”

Do not take your Holy Spirit from me – rather Give me a new and right spirit within me that will enable me to hate sin but look with Your compassion and love upon the sinner. Heal the wounded heart of the child within me. Pour Your love in. Bless those who wounded me.

Forgive me, Lord, for projecting my childish pictures in relation to people onto You, and onto others, especially those I love. Bring those pictures to death. Bring my childish ways and expectations to death. Let Your light shine into all the hidden places of my heart. Enlighten the eyes of my heart, Lord, to see You and love you
as You really are.


From my husband Chris Bennett’s blog: Thoughts of a Wandering Christian

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Enjoying the Lord’s Creation

Chris and I live in the most beautiful part of England.  We live in Surrey County near the Surrey Hills. 

Today we went for a hike and picnic at Box Hill, a beautiful place where the poet Keats used to draw his inspiration from.

We walked through the woods and listened to all the song birds calling to each other.  What pretty songs they sing during their courtship times.  We would just stop and stand still and listen. 

Isn’t it amazing that the Word says that if WE don’t praise the Lord then His creation will?  I love looking at nature and seeing how all things work together symbiotically and in rythm.  This did not all happen with a bang…and even if it did what caused the bang??  I think it takes a lot more faith NOT to believe in God than to believe.

I’ve included some photos of our walk from today and a couple from our visit to Box Hill in September last year. 

Hope you enjoy looking at God’s pretty tapestry.

Old Yew Tree

Along our walk today
Box Hill in September 2010
Pretty Tree at Box Hill, September 2010

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Our Wedding(s)…I’ll Explain

Chris and I got married not once..but twice!  Actually, only one REAL legal wedding, and then we had a beautiful marriage blessing.  Our wedding was in Fort Worth, Texas on

November 5, 2010 and then we had the blessing in South Hornchurch, Essex, England on November 13, 2010.

Just wanted to begin my new blog by showing you some of our wedding photos with friends and family.  Enjoy.

Me and my son, Matt. He gave me away.


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