Enjoying the Lord’s Creation

Chris and I live in the most beautiful part of England.  We live in Surrey County near the Surrey Hills. 

Today we went for a hike and picnic at Box Hill, a beautiful place where the poet Keats used to draw his inspiration from.

We walked through the woods and listened to all the song birds calling to each other.  What pretty songs they sing during their courtship times.  We would just stop and stand still and listen. 

Isn’t it amazing that the Word says that if WE don’t praise the Lord then His creation will?  I love looking at nature and seeing how all things work together symbiotically and in rythm.  This did not all happen with a bang…and even if it did what caused the bang??  I think it takes a lot more faith NOT to believe in God than to believe.

I’ve included some photos of our walk from today and a couple from our visit to Box Hill in September last year. 

Hope you enjoy looking at God’s pretty tapestry.

Old Yew Tree

Along our walk today
Box Hill in September 2010
Pretty Tree at Box Hill, September 2010


About lgbennett

Wife of Chris Bennett and we're members of RoFMI (River of Fire Ministries International) and we minister in mercy, not judgement. We have a ministery to pastors and leaders to encourage them in their journey with the Lord. The harvest is ripe...let's get going!
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